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Beta Testers Lined Up

Sent an email to our retail email list asking for Beta Testers on this very website and got over 50 replies in less than 24 hours.  You all rock!!

Now we just have to get the site full "live" and ready to be beta tested.  

For us...we need to "soft launch" the site to a select group of people before we unleash it to the world.  There is a lot of text and descriptions on all of the different meat items, so we need to make sure everything makes sense and also that we didn't make any typos.  Sometimes having a "cold eye" makes all the difference when spotting errors.

Hoping to start beta testing by the end of the week or early next week.  Excited and a little nervous.  We are an old-school company so this new technology will take a little getting used to on our end.  We will need to adjust some of our production processes but we think it will all be worth it!

Fingers crossed the beta testing goes well.

Updates soon...