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Main Street Mysteries

Many great mysteries are woven throughout the fabric of time...

How did Egyptians really build the pyramids?
Is there really a Bigfoot?
What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

Well over the course of our many years in business, Main Street Meats has accumulated our own share of riddles such as "What will the Flash Sale Guru come up with next?"  

The truth is... even we don't even know. The Flash Sale Guru is so adept at purchasing and crafting our sales that an idea materializes and is instantly put into action - he is just THAT good.

And of course the inevitable question - who actually IS the person behind Some say it's several people. Some say it's Lee Seelig himself. Some even say it's just one person who is so extremely private that their life remains a mystery even to those closest to them.

A little mystery is always, well, except in meat. Which is one place we DON'T have mystery, as our ground meat always comes from whole muscle meat and NEVER has additives or byproducts.