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Testing Testing

Still in Beta Testing mode....

crazy how many different things need to be checked and how settings need to be tweaked

the issues of today are figuring out the best way for us to print "pick tickets" in the system for our order pickers to assemble your orders

also looking for the best way to create consolidated production reports when we have multiple orders for the same day

also testing some of the email notifications that get sent to you, our amazing customers!  Right now it looks like an email is not being sent saying "your order is on the truck for delivery" or "your order is ready for pick up."   We are trying to figure out why those emails aren't going out ...thinking it's a settings issue with one of the apps we used to configure this store.

Just another day of testing........have already processed about 10 orders through the site with our awesome beta testers and these "real orders" really help us to figure out all the ins and outs of this process.

Getting more and more excited to really launch this officially.  Maybe we are a week or two away from that 

I keep telling myself ...there is no rush.  Make sure you do it right!!!