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Welcome to "The Chuck End"

Hello there.  This is my first blog post on our new e-commerce site.

This blog will be a place where many of the people who work at Farmingdale Meat Market and Main Street Wholesale Meats will be able to post about anything they want related to the world of meat.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts.

You might be wondering why this blog is called "The Chuck End."  Or maybe not.  Either way, I'm happy to tell you.  As any good meat-eater knows, the chuck end is the best part of the ribeye!  That's where the largest portion of the rib cap (aka Spinalis) is.  When ordering a ribeye or a cowboy steak in a restaurant, I always ask for "the chuck end."   And the waiter always says "no problem."  And then about 50% of the time it actually comes out right.  But I never complain.  It's not that the loin end is bad, it's just that the chuck end is better (in my opinion).

And "The Loin End" doesn't sound like a good name for a blog.  Maybe for an "adult entertainment" website (wink wink), but not a meat market blog.  And so "The Chuck End" was born!

This blog will ONLY be linked to our new e-comm store (exclusive content!  nowhere else to get these amazing posts!).

Please feel free to ALWAYS give us feedback about your purchases and experience shopping with us (whether it's online or in-person).  Our ears and eyes are always wide open.

We'd also love to hear about your favorite recipes or see photos of the amazing meals you create with meat purchased here.  We will use this blog to post our favorite bits of feedback from our amazing community of friends, family, customers and even some strangers.  (Let's see some photos of your dogs rocking a beef femur bone from us!) is the best email address to contact us.  We usually reply to all emails within 24-48 hours (if not sooner).

Anyways.....thanks again for reading this.  This really is just a place holder post and won't be published on the site until we have 4 or 5 other posts as well.  So...if you are reading this, that means you took the time to go back and read all the old posts.  And, in that case, you really are an amazing person!!


Lee Seelig