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Health Benefits of Choosing Butcher Shop Meats Over Supermarket Alternatives

Ever wondered ‘what are the health benefits of shopping for meat at a butcher versus the supermarket’? Below are a few quick highlights to consider…



Simply put, butcher shops routinely offer higher grade (aka quality) meats. If you want to shop with intention, choosing healthier and more flavorful Prime, Choice, and Select cuts is often a much easier process at the butcher. Selection and variety at the supermarket is often limited at best. 

Whether you’re picking up meat that is cut fresh to order or pre-prepared cuts that were prepped in the morning, the level of quality and freshness at a butcher shop is hard to beat. Not only do fresher meats retain more natural flavor, fresher cuts are packed full of higher nutrient counts. 

By comparison, supermarket meats are often processed and packaged in a factory, then shipped to stores to sit on shelves until purchased or the expiration date elapses, all while losing vitamins and minerals over time.

Supermarket meat also often goes through a bit of a makeover with additives and preservatives.



Butcher shops generally offer some of the finest quality meats and cuts, which you simply will not find at a supermarket. Prime steaks, dry aged steaks, roasts with specific numbers of ribs/bones…butchers are happy to accommodate. 

Burgers, sausages, meatballs, ground meat, etc. can be custom made in-house with leaner fat content in mind while still maintaining unrivaled flavor. Even if you believe that your palette isn’t refined enough to taste the difference, you’ll undoubtedly be able to identify and appreciate the difference between ground meats prepared at a butcher versus those products prepared at a supermarket.

Additionally, butcher shops’ wild game offerings—such as duck, venison, rabbit, boar, etc.—are generally unrivaled. Reduced calories and lower saturated fat has made wild game a staple for many health conscious meat lovers.



If you’re purposefully shopping for the healthiest cuts of meat, simply ask and a butcher will gladly steer you (pun intended) in the right direction.

Supermarkets have well trained staff, however, butchers are true enthusiasts that pride themselves on next-level personal and quality service. 

Have questions? Stop by our shop in Farmingdale or email us and you’ll be eating healthier in no time!