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America’s Favorite Steak Cuts

In the United States, the love for beef runs deep, and each state has its own distinct preferences when it comes to choosing the perfect cut for the grill or the stove. From the beautiful thick steaks of the Midwest to the slow-cooked delights of the South, let us take you on a flavorful culinary road trip through America without even having to leave the comforts of home!

Texas - Brisket Bliss:

Texas is synonymous with barbecue, and when it comes to beef, brisket steals the show. Whether it's the central Texas style with a simple rub and slow smoking or the East Texas preference for a sweet and tangy sauce, brisket is the star of the Lone Star State. Texans take pride in their mastery of low and slow cooking, producing tender, flavorful brisket that has become a cultural icon.

Texas Brisket Recipe

Kansas - Ribeye Royalty:

Known for its extensive cattle ranches, Kansas takes a particular liking to the ribeye steak. This well-marbled cut, often grilled to perfection, captures the signature style of Kansas City barbecue. Whether enjoyed with a classic dry rub or smothered in any number of the region’s famous barbecue sauces, the ribeye reigns supreme in the heart of the Midwest.

Butter Crusted Ribeye Recipe

Kansas City actually loves meat so much that they have a secondary steak option that is just as popular. The bone in strip steak is beloved in the area. The bone gives the meat that extra level of protection when cooking it on the grill. Making it easier to get that amazing char on the outside without accidentally overcooking the inside. Because of this popularity the bone in strip is also called a Kansas City Steak.

Bone In Shell Steak Recipe

New York - Supreme Sirloin:

In the culinary hub of the nation, New York, the sirloin steak takes center stage. Renowned for its balance of tenderness and flavor, the sirloin is often featured in upscale steakhouses across the state. Whether dry-aged for added richness or served with a classic peppercorn sauce, New Yorkers appreciate the sophisticated simplicity of a perfectly cooked sirloin. So much so that the sirloin has become known the world over as a “New York Strip

Oven Roasted New York Strip Recipe

California - Tri-Tip Triumph:

On the West Coast, California embraces the tri-tip cut. This triangular section from the bottom sirloin is a California barbecue favorite, often marinated and grilled. The tri-tip's versatility and ability to absorb flavors make it a top choice for Californians who enjoy outdoor grilling and gatherings.

Tri Tip Recipe 

Nebraska - Flawless Filet Mignon

As a major player in the beef industry, Nebraska takes pride in its filet mignon. This tender and lean cut is celebrated for its melt-in-your-mouth texture. Whether pan-seared, grilled, or broiled, Nebraskans appreciate the fine dining experience that a perfectly cooked filet mignon brings to the table. Loved throughout the world, and almost always thought of as the top of the line when it comes to beef, Nebraska’s filet is the King of Kings.

Filet Mignon Recipe

You see we really weren’t underselling it when we told you that the USA has a deep appreciation for its meat. Can’t decide which one to try??? Show that American pride and try them all!

- The Gang at Farmingdale Meat Market